I founded Living Natural Way because I had it enough of being terrified & stressed for the health of my family (including my little ones) and myself once the world went into turmoil at the beginning of 2020.

Being a pharmacist, I realised I needed to find a potent dietary supplement to support the wellbeing of my loved ones instead of opting for traditional medications with TONS of side effects.

I thought I’d have an easy time finding the right supplement…

… I’ve never been so wrong in my life!

You see, after testing dozens of supplements on myself, I noticed there was always something a bit off:
— either the supplement worked AMAZING for a period of time — and then the effects suddenly stopped
— or the effects were completely different than what was marketed
— or sometimes, there were NO effects at all!

That’s why I founded Living Natural Way – to help my family and myself ENJOY LIFE.

… and when your life and the lives of your loved ones are at stake, you don’t wanna cut any corners to increase profit margins!

Devraj Rathod,

Founder and Pharmacist