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Did you know that ONLY 1 in 10 Americans consumes the fruits and vegetables they need on a daily basis? In fact, when it comes to diet and nutrition, there’s one thing all experts agree on: fruits and vegetables and the fact we do NOT eat enough of them.

After all, who has the time to eat over thirty fresh fruits and vegetables every week? Apparently, most of us don’t – which leads to a LOT of unnecessary diseases such as, but not limited to: heart conditions, blood pressure problems, lack of antioxidants, and even HUGE mood swings.

That’s why we formulated Red Superfood Juice – to give you the very best benefits of nutrient-dense fruits, super-vegetables, and ancient herbs. To supply your body with all the healthy nutrients it needs to CRUSH the day!

Why Red Superfood Juice?

Eating red/orange fruits is crucial in the fight against oxidative stress from free radicals and UV light. These fruits not only strengthen our immune system, but they also keep us looking young, protect us at a cellular level helping combat: high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, insulin resistance & diabetes, and most importantly, promote graceful aging.

Our formula may help protect the digestive tract from inflammation and regulate gastric function. Additionally, getting all the nutrients your body needs also supports cognitive functions, memory, and non-intrusive sleep.

ONLY one scoop of our Red Superfood Juice every day is enough to feel these AMAZING benefits!

Need more reasons to introduce these essential nutrients into your lifestyle? If so, scroll down… 

Customers ❤️ Red Superfood Juice

A Scientific Approach to a Healthy Life

Supports cognitive functions & brain health

Red Superfood Juice boasts a powerful blend of nutrients including blackberry that have been consumed for centuries to improve cognitive functions.

Supports your DNA

Our formula provides the necessary building blocks to help maintain a healthy DNA & RNA

Supports your gastrointestinal health

Acacia tree gum powder, cranberries, and sour cherry fruit powder (dyspepsia) are three ingredients that play an essential role in supporting your gastrointestinal health

Supports your antioxidants

Red Superfood Juice contains powerful antioxidants that may significantly help reduce free radical damage to your body

Supports urinary tract infections

Cranberries have been shown to contain powerful nutrients and may help prevent urinary tract infections

May relieve diarrhea & constipation

Apple fruit and acerola fruit powder work in harmony to help you go the toilet without any struggles

Supports skin health

Strawberry fruit and carrot root powders help reduce the appearance of pores while also providing STRONG protection against the damaging effects of the sun rays

Supports Your Cardiovascular Health

The antioxidant properties of chondroitin sulfate, turmeric, and quercetin may help support a healthy heart and maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Supports anti-aging

Red Superfood Juice contains powerful ingredients that when consumed daily for extended periods of time promote graceful aging

Assists in after workout recovery

Our formula provides the necessary nutrients to help the muscles balance & detox after a workout

Combining 19 ingredients in one



Get the FULL potential of each ingredient WITHOUT breaking the bank

Inside Red Superfood Juice

Strawberry Fruit Powder

Rich in polyphenols and Vitamin C, strawberry powder provides skin protection and has skin-soothing properties by helping reduce the appearance of pores.

Cranberry Fruit Powder

Cranberries boast distinctive attributes that may aid in the prevention of urinary tract infections and support gastric & cardiovascular health. The powder also helps support oral health and hygiene.

Acacia Tree Gum Powder

A dietary fiber that helps support high cholesterol, diabetes, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It’s also been used for centuries as a natural remedy for throat and stomach inflammation.

Carrot Root Powder

Has been shown to promote skin health, protect the skin from the sun and it is super-dense with Vitamin A (the vitamin for healthy vision).

Sour Cherry Fruit Powder

A powerhouse of nutrients often used for myalgia, osteoarthritis, gout, exercise-induced muscle damage, dyspepsia, insomnia, and edema.

Blackberry Fruit Powder

One of the richest sources of vitamins C & K, manganese, and fiber. Blackberry Powder supports brain health and optimal gut function.

Acerola Berry Powder

Originating in southern Mexico and the Caribbean, Acerola has been used in modern and folk medicine for liver ailments, diarrhea, coughs, colds, and even dysentery.

Apple Fruit Powder

Shown to help lower cholesterol levels, normalize blood sugar, promote heart health, aid weight loss, and most importantly: help relieve diarrhea and constipation.

Bonus Ingredients

Raspberry Fruit Powder, Rubus occidentalis (Black Raspberry) Fruit Powder, Pomegranate Fruit Powder, Banana Fruit Powder, Watermelon Fruit Powder, Beet Root Powder, Flaxseed Oil Powder Complex, Mango Fruit Powder, Papaya Fruit Powder, Peach Fruit Powder, Stevia Leaf Extract

Living Natural Way Timeline

Red Superfood Juice - Based on Past Customer Data

Within Hours

Some customers report gastrointestinal benefits in the first hours after taking our Red Superfood Juice.

Within Weeks

Gradual improvements which started in the first couple days may continue over the course of the first few weeks. Stick with daily use, as you can expect further improvements during Month 2 & 3 as your bodily functions normalize.

3 Months+

It takes to feel all the benefits of our Red Superfood Juice formula. Even though most users will notice improvements in their overall wellbeing within the first few weeks, to reap the most out of the formula, keep using it for at least 3 months.

* Results might vary from person to person

Graceful Aging. Healthy Heart. Faster Cognition.

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