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Achieving ketosis is a difficult process that takes time and commitment. At the beginning of following the keto diet, people often experience the “keto flu” which results with symptoms like headaches, muscle cramping & digestive discomfort. Do NOT get discouraged and quit – this is the body reacting to the change!

Keto Drops may ease your transition and are designed to support a standard keto diet. 

Keto Drops’s formula rapidly returns your body in a state of ketosis (fat burning state) — in a matter of a few days, rather than weeks. When used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise, Keto Drops help support healthy weight management, cognitive performance, cell regeneration, and higher energy production.

The best way to take it is 10 drops x 3 times a day. Hold the drops under your tongue for 15 seconds before swallowing for better absorption. You can take them between meals and before or after workouts to support your healthy keto lifestyle.

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A Scientific Approach to a Healthy Life

Supports transition to the keto diet

Keto Drops help you get faster past the so-called “Keto Flu” + get the body in a state of ketosis within days – instead of weeks.

Supports your weight management

The overall formula of Keto Drops is designed to increase fat breakdown and make all cells more susceptible to burning fat. When combined with a healthy Keto diet, you can notice drastic improvements in minimal time.

Supports cell regeneration

Keto Drops helps the body stay in a state of ketosis, thus boosting cell regeneration.

Supports higher energy production

The fat-burning properties of this blend allow for much higher energy production if combined with the right keto diet.

May support healthy cholesterol levels

African Mango, L-arginine & Grape-seed Pyruvate work in harmony to normalize cholesterol levels.

May lower triglycerides

The presence of african mango in the formula may have a significant impact on lowering your triglycerides.

May normalize blood sugar levels

Studies indicate african mango may help normalize blood sugar levels

Supports a healthy heart

Grape-seed Pyruvate & Chromium have been used for centuries by cultures to promote a healthy heart and plaque-free arteries

Combining 17 ingredients in one



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Inside Keto Drops

Raspberry Ketone

A natural substance that gives red raspberries their powerful aroma. This ketone has been shown to help increase fat breakdown by making the cells more susceptible to fat-burning AND it may increase release of the hormone adiponectin (metabolism-regulating hormone)

African mango

A powerhouse of nutrients which may help melt away belly fat, lower appetite, lower blood cholesterol, lower triglycerides, reduce fat cell growth, boost breakdown of fats, and EVEN improve blood sugar control.


L-carnitine helps the body produce energy. But more importantly, it boasts significant benefits when it comes to helping with obesity, reducing tiredness, muscle soreness, and it may reduce blood fat levels.


Assists in lowering cholesterol, increasing energy & athletic performance, and aiding weight loss.


A popular supplement among athletes, Beta-Alanine may help increase time to exhaustion, reduce fatigue, and increase muscle endurance.

Grape-seed Pyruvate

Used as a traditional treatment in Europe for thousands of years, grape-seed pyruvate may help lower cholesterol, boost antioxidants, promote heart health, and it boasts powerful anti-inflammatory effects.


An essential trace element that seems to enhance the effects of insulin and lowers glucose levels in blood. It may also help with weight loss and lower the risk of heart disease.

Glycyrrhizin Extract

One of the oldest herbal remedies in the world. Glycyrrhizin Extract, also known as the licorice plant, has been used as help with digestion, acid reflux, peptic ulcer. Additionally, it promotes healthy weight loss.

Bonus Ingredients

Tryptophan, Grapefruit Powder, EGCG, Panax Ginseng, Maca, Powder, Grapeseed Pyruvate, Guarana, Garcinia, Eleuthero, Capsicum

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Keto Drops - Based on Past Customer Data

Within Hours

The potent effects of Keto Drops’s formula allow your body to start burning fat faster.

Within Days

Most people will notice their bodies getting back into a constant state of ketosis within days, instead of weeks.

3 Months+

Keep taking Keto Drops to promote a state of ketosis, increase fat burning, and support a healthy metabolism. The optimal effects are evident after 4-8 months of use while following a healthy keto diet alongside.

* Results might vary from person to person

Healthy Weight Management

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Good Product and fast shipping.


Really good products

I am using this since 1 month. Its really help to improve my health


Amazing Product

It was an amazing expercince.

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