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Immune Booster Juice

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Why do some people who catch a cold or a virus have mild symptoms and get past it quickly, while others struggle for weeks?

Well, because people differ vastly in their “immune competence” – their ability to fend off and overcome an infection. In fact, most of modern society doesn’t consume enough nutrients to support their immune system and on top of that, add the recent lockdowns & lack of outdoor time… 

Eventually, people try to keep infections away and cure them if they get sick, but WITHOUT strengthening their natural defences. This is a serious omission, because at this day and age, there are more than enough opportunities to put your immune system to the test.

Stronger immune system competence makes ALL infections, regardless whether ordinary or rare, milder and briefer. But, how do you improve your immune system competence?

For a start, we all know Vitamin C is crucial for our immune system, but did you know that less than 50% of Vitamin C is actually absorbed? – The rest just leaves the body as urine. Meaning you’re NOT reaping most of its benefits.

Additionally, Zinc has been proven to help your immune system and metabolism function. It is important to note that zinc can significantly help shorten the length of your colds and their intensity.

Although, where does the true power lay in immune system support?

The star of the show is a dark purple berry growing in the Amazonian rainforests that’s been used for centuries in traditional herbalism – the Elderberry. The berry coordinates an efficient immune response by helping promote the production of vital immune molecules while deterring unwanted bodily irritations.

Combine these 3 ingredients with 7 more super-nutrients and you get… Immunity Booster Juice! A powerful, immune-boosting daily supplement that helps you stay healthy year-round. ONLY 1 delicious scoop of Immune Booster Juice is needed daily to feel the potent effects.

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A Scientific Approach to a Healthy Life

Supports your immune system

A powerful blend of ingredients including elderberry, Vitamin C, zinc, and the rest of the ingredients work together to maintain the normal function of the immune system. Additionally, elderberry has been found to both promote cellular defenses against foreign invaders and help impede their replication within the cells. 

Coordinates the release of cytokines

Cytokines are small proteins secreted by immune cells. They are a vital part of the immune response to harmful bugs.

Supports your antioxidants

Vitamin C boasts some of the most potent antioxidant properties on the planet; elderberry on the other hand, only enhances those properties to further reduce free radical damage in your body.

Supports your cold & flu recovery

 Immunity Booster Juice helps support a balanced inflammatory response to seasonal invaders, promoting productive immune function while dampening excessive, unproductive irritations

Supports your respiratory health & allergies

Elderberry and Vitamin C support lung cell defenses to optimize respiratory health and function in the face of health challenges.

Promotes healthy microbial balance

Elderberry has been long praised for its ability to help promote a healthy microbial balance in the body.

Supports your heart health

The powerful combination of cordyceps, shiitake, and lion’s mane may help support a healthy heart by preventing plaque formation and lowering the risk of heart disease.

Supports your muscles & bones

Time and time again, Vitamin D has been shown to promote healthy muscle regeneration and has a KEY role in the fight against bone deformities and diseases.

Supports whole-body relaxation

The presence of magnesium and calcium in the Immunity Booster Juice formula helps induce some relaxation on your nervous system WITHOUT any feelings of drowsiness.

May help protect the organs

Most of the superfoods found in Immunity Booster Juice have been shown to provide the essential support our organs need to function properly.

Immunity booster juice IR Label

Immunity Booster Juice IR Label

Combining 10 ingredients in one



Get the FULL potential of each ingredient WITHOUT breaking the bank



This nutrient-dense super-berry not only aids the healthy immune system but also helps maintain a healthy heart and respiratory system. It boasts potent anti-inflammatory properties and it’s packed with antioxidants. As a berry on top, it also promoted new collagen formation for healthier-looking skin.

Vitamin C

Supports the normal function of the immune system and boasts anti-skin aging properties. It’s a powerful antioxidant and helps eliminate the threat of free radicals. Finally, it promotes heart and eye health.

Vitamin D

Helps regulate calcium and phosphate levels in the body. It’s also crucial for muscle health and fighting against bone deformity and bone diseases.

Vitamin B12;

Supports the body’s nerve & blood cells and helps make DNA (the genetic material in all cells). Furthermore, it may help prevent heart conditions, promote brain health, and prevent certain types of anemia.


Calcium, along with magnesium, helps nourish the nervous system and may prevent anxiety, panic attacks, restlessness and irritability.


Magnesium has TONS of health benefits and when used regularly it may help: boost low magnesium levels, treat migraines, improve quality of sleep, reduce restlessness or irritability, and it may even aid depression symptoms.


Plays a key role in maintaining a healthy immune system and it may help shorten the duration of colds & flu. It’s also a potent antioxidant and helps reduce oxidative stress in the body. Additionally, it may help relieve stomach ulcers, indigestion and diarrhea.


Helps prevent kidney toxicity, promotes kidney health, and prevents harm on the kidney from contrast agents.


Crucial for the heart, kidneys, and other organs to work normally. Helps normalize blood pressure, promotes heart health and may prevent certain diseases & strokes. It may also help ease symptoms of arthritis, and even fight certain types of cancer.

Organic Stevia Extract

Commonly used as a no-calorie sugar replacement, stevia may promote weight loss and help the fight against diabetes.

Living Natural Way Timeline

Immunity Booster Juice - Based on Past Customer Data

Within Days

Elderberry is a fast-acting herb, going to work quickly to boost your immune system.

Within Weeks

The cumulative effects of elderberry, Vitamin C, Zinc, and the other ingredients in Immunity Booster Juice continue to enhance the overall immune system and improve life quality.

1 Month

Many customers continue taking Immunity Booster Juice over a period of a month or longer to enjoy its preventative benefits.

3 Months+

Consider taking Immunity Booster Juice throughout the year to give your immune system what it needs to function optimally and protect you against viruses & infections.

Results might vary from person to person

Immunity. Antioxidant Support. Healthy Respiration.

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