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We suffer from unnecessary conditions like arthritis, atherosclerosis, brain disorders, strokes and aneurysms due to inflammation. It usually starts with redness, swelling and heat in certain areas.

But, by itself, inflammation is actually good.

It’s our immune system protecting us from viruses and infections. The white blood cells attack the cut, bruise or sickness in the body. 

The problem is, white blood cells don’t always stop the attack. So, we get chronic inflammation. Some of the dangers of chronic inflammation are heart disease, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and osteoarthritis.

Furthermore, according to NCBI this trend of chronic inflammation is anticipated to increase in the next 30 years. In the United States alone, nearly 125 million Americans live with chronic conditions.

Yet, a huge portion of the population doesn’t do anything to prevent it. Or they don’t take action because the symptoms aren’t “too bad.”

Chronic inflammation needs to be addressed immediately to save us from pain and further complications. A good way to avert the dangers of inflammation is by committing to a change in lifestyle in terms of what we consume. Studies have shown that TURMERIC significantly reduces inflammation.

Golden Reliever is an AMAZING way to get your daily turmeric intake. At 20x the potency of normal turmeric you won’t believe it’s all natural. 1 capsule twice a day 30 minutes before a meal is all you need to feel the difference!

Customers ❤️ Golden Reliever

A Scientific Approach to a Healthy Life

Supports Mobility & Joint Flexibility

This premium blend boasts powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties – providing the necessary support our joints require for pain-free mobility.

Improves physical capabilities

Flexible joints = higher mobility = improved physical capabilities. Enjoy more hiking adventures, gardening, or doing your favorite sport!

Supports the fight against free radicals

Its richness in antioxidants allows curcumin to provide extra cellular protection and help fight free radical damage.

Supports healthy cholesterol levels

Curcumin has been shown to support healthy cholesterol levels

Supports your cardiovascular health

The anti-inflammatory properties of this blend allow for turmeric to inhibit inflammation and promote a healthier heart

Supports digestive & pancreatic health

Evidence suggests that turmeric addresses inflammation in the gut, thus promoting a healthy bowel function. Additionally, it supports the pancreas by encouraging pancreatic islet health.

Supports cognitive functions

Studies indicate turmeric may support a healthy brain function and even offer neuro-protective benefits as well.

Supports nutrient absorption

The presence of BioPerine in this formula doesn’t only allow for superior absorption of turmeric and curcumin. But, it also increases overall nutrient absorption and effectiveness.

Better joint lubrication

This trifecta of ingredients helps cleanse your joints of free radicals and get them in optimal shape.

May prevent chronic pain

As curcumin is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories available, studies show it helps support and it may even prevent chronic pain.

Supports Your Immune System

The powerful blend of turmeric, curcumin extract and BioPerine works together to maintain the normal function of the immune system.

Inside Golden Reliever

Organic Turmeric

This spice, long prized in Ayurvedic medicine for healing and relief, has shown the ability to support healthy cellular and joint function in multiple studies. In the past few years, it has caused all the rage in the scientific community as it is high in antioxidants and addresses inflammation at its root – in the liver and gut. Furthermore, it provides a great boost to the immune system.

Turmeric 95% Curcuminoids

Curcuminoids are compounds in turmeric/curcumin with various health benefits. They help inhibit inflammation to support joint health and vital organ health, promote a healthy immune response, support cardiovascular health, encourage heart health and more. Unfortunately, in most curcumin supplements, the total amount of free curcuminoids delivered is very low.


On its own, our bodies can hardly absorb turmeric and curcumin. BioPerine is a black pepper extract that helps boost curcumin’s effectiveness up to 2,000%! Studies also show that BioPerine helps improve your metabolism, overall nutrient absorption, immune system, and even memory! Oh, and it helps in the fight against free radicals.

4 Reasons to Beware of Other Turmeric Supplements

Poor solubility

Meaning, in its typical state, turmeric does not mix well with fluids such as those inside the body.

Low absorption from the gut

In part because of its poor solubility, the human digestive system does not absorb typical turmeric/curcumin well. Most of it, in other words, goes to waste instead of actually being utilized by the body!

Super fast metabolism

Typical turmeric is far too-fast metabolized in the body - meaning the body is actually utilizing very few of the benefits.

Express systemic elimination

In as few words as possible, this means that most turmeric/curcumin supplements (yes, even the ones that cost $60+ per bottle) - can be eliminated from the body FAR TOO FAST to experience any real effects.

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4 Reviews


Really helps with many ailments

I use this product for inflammation. I highly recommend using this product. They have a great 20% off feature which makes me order from this company regularly. I use it everyday and love the benefits.


Love this product

I take this to help with my diabetics. and for pain of arthritis. It works for me. Love it

Greg Maccarone

Would not be without it!

This product works!! I have had osteoarthritis in my knees, shoulder and elbows for many years. I have tried pain tablets, creams and exercise, with limited success. I saw this and thought it can’t hurt...tried it for 4 months and noticed a big difference in my symptoms. I am now on my 5th bottle and will not stop it!! Just be takes time to build up and work. I still have to take the occasional ibuprofen, but nothing like before!! Can not recommend enough!!

Virginia Miko

Incredible difference using this Tumeric compared to others

Definitely the best Tumeric I have ever used.. On my search for pain relief (fibro myalgia) I have tried at least 10 different brands of Tumeric (or more) with good results, and I have noticed that each brand has very different levels of relief. I have been using this product for 4 days now. I have noticed a 50% reduction in the amount of break through medication I normally use to get through my day.. These pills are definitely worth a try.. I am extremely pleased with the results so far and today will be day 5. Ideally cutting out the opioids I use for the break through pain is my #1 priority.

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